Lately I’ve been thinking about creating a web-app for helping me with my studying for Japanese JLPT tests. That will give me more motivation to study rather than just staring at textbooks.

However I don’t really like server-side programming, and most pages with server-side suffers from performance issues.  It also brings back horrible memories of decade-old java coding, before my escape out of engineering.


Due to Atwood’s Law, with the future being client-side, where most apps would probably be a single website, I’ve decided to learn more about jquery, bootstrap, javascript, and even node.js to setup a nice development environment.  The w3 school tutorial on bootstrap was surprisingly good, and I also found this other site with a good selection of bootstrap themes.  With bootstrap, web-pages can pretty much look just as good or even better than native apps.  I’m already using some of these techniques to improve my main site.