Training demo is here (javascript).

Some users have asked to see a version of Neural Slime Volleyball without pre-trained agents to see how they evolve from being totally stupid to professional Slime Volleyball players.  I put together a demo to show this neuroevolution in action.

The setup is a population of 100 agents, with random initial weights.  From there, each agents will have to play with 8 other random agents, for 20 seconds of actual game play (assume 30 frames/second).  So basically, 100 generations of simulation actually simulates 18 hours of real time play, and takes around 20-30 seconds on my machine.  One night of simulated artificial evolution will essentially simulate decades of real time play.

Makes you wonder about the possibilities of artificial evolution at super-human-speeds if we can make realistic physical simulations of reality.  I thought about the move Her and how intelligent computers’ altered perception of time have made them dissatisfied with reality.