Weight Agnostic Neural Networks
Learning Latent Dynamics for Planning from Pixels
Reinforcement Learning for Improving Agent Design
World Models Experiments
World Models
Evolving Stable Strategies
A Visual Guide to Evolution Strategies
Teaching Machines to Draw
Recurrent Neural Network Tutorial for Artists
Hyper Networks
Generating Large Images from Latent Vectors - Part Two
Neural Network Evolution Playground with Backprop NEAT
Interactive Abstract Pattern Generation Javascript Demo
The Frog of CIFAR 10
Generating Large Images from Latent Vectors
Generating Abstract Patterns with TensorFlow
Otoro Blog Migration
Generative King of Kowloon
Recurrent Net Dreams Up Fake Chinese Characters in Vector Format with TensorFlow
Handwriting Generation Demo in TensorFlow
Mixture Density Networks with TensorFlow
Random Network Generator
Neural Character Design
Warhol Generator
k-medoids clustering algorithm
Genetic Art with NEAT and recurrent.js (node.js)
Traversing the Random Network
drawing graphs with cola.js
otoro.net decal stickers!
Happy Canada Day!
training convnets via node.js
Reverse Engineering CIFAR10 convnet for Image Generation
Neural Network Generative Art in Javascript
Mixture Density Networks
N-Gramming the Tale of Genji
long short term memory
Neural Slime Volleyball Evolution Demo
STAR WARS @ 六本木ヒルズ
creatures avoiding planks
survival of the fittest
searching for patterns
Glass Design
Evolutionary Function Approximation for Reinforcement Learning
Levelling The Playing Field
Neural Slime Volleyball
Happy Math.PI Day!
Enforced Subpopulations (ESP) neuroevolution algorithm for balancing inverted double pendulum
training in the winter rain
evolving a neural network for pendulum control
conventional neuroevolution (CNE) trainer (Part II)
conventional neuroevolution (CNE) trainer for convnet.js
neuroevolution algorithms
visualising neural network behavior
neural networks control of inverted double pendulum
Frog Design
swing up
Book on AI and Agents
neural network for pendulum
difficult chinese character
Anti gravity
pendulum demo rewrite
Happy New Year 2015!
detecting device orientation
I love lego
dark creatures
machine learning
site facelift
Japanese grammar database app
Ruby Markup
p5.js and paper.js conflicts
Japanese grammar app
Javascript, the good parts, and JSON
self balancing pendulum
floating creatures in space
bootstrapping javascript
Box2D with paper.js
I love lego
learning box2d
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coming soon: new version of creatures demo
work in progress: perception rods
astroids game
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new toy lens
creatures eating snacks
a new start.